Thank you!

I am so grateful to my many supporters who have taken the initiative to write “letters to the editor” that have been published in multiple newspapers that reach District 5 residents. And many of you continue to “like” and “share” our Facebook posts as well, thank you! Spreading your enthusiasm helps my campaign immensely. Our whole team appreciates you talking to your neighbors and friends and we will continue to read all of the local media and add your letters to this page!

Thank you for voicing your support – John Fahey for Carver County Commissioner District 5


I support John Fahey!

I have had the chance to meet with both remaining candidates for Carver County Commissioner in District 5.  Though I commend both John Fahey and Mark Willems for running, there are clear distinctions between the candidates; in many ways they are polar opposites.  I am supporting John Fahey based on my personal experience with both candidates.  In my experience, John Fahey is honest, trustworthy, hard working and ethical.  I don’t sense he will play favorites, make back door deals with friends or family or openly disregard or even mock the citizens of Carver County.  John has committed to me to support business and community growth, to always tell the truth, to vote his conscience, to refrain from “vote swapping”, to represent his constituents over himself, to embrace the future while also supporting our County’s agricultural past and to be a man of integrity.  From my experiences with John Fahey, I believe he is telling the truth and I heartily support his candidacy!

Mark D. Halla
Carver County resident and prior candidate for Carver County Commissioner in District 5


John P. Fahey represents the very essence of what Carver County is all about:  Citizenship, Leadership, Business Ownership, Volunteerism and most importantly, Family Values.

As a CITIZEN, John has served on Carver County’s Planning Commission for 11 years & currently serves as chair.  He has also served as a District 108 school board member,

As a LEADER, John is a former Mayor of Norwood Young America and is dedicated to working with leaders of the 10 cities and 10 townships, which make up Carver County.  He understands the importance of strong supportive interrelationships among rural townships, cities, and Carver County.

As a VOLUNTEER, John has been a proud Lions’ member for over 26 years and is a Lions Melvin Jones Award Fellow, presented to John for “dedicated humanitarian services” by the Lions Clubs International Foundation.

As a BUSINESS OWNER, and along with his commercial banking lending experience, John knows first-hand the challenges that come with human resource management, service to customers, the value of critical decision making and having a strong vision for the future.

As a FAMILY MAN, John is devoted to his wife Janet and two sons.  He is quick to say that their support and love serve as his foundation.

As a former Carver County Mayor of the City of Victoria, I consider John Fahey a pragmatic, thoughtful, and inclusive man who understands the value of community.  His experience, education, and strong Carver County relationships will bring much value to us all.  On November 3rd, 2020, please cast your vote for John as your 5th District County Commissioner.  He will bring out the best of Carver County.

Mary Hershberger Thun
Former Victoria Mayor


As an organic produce farmer and a business owner in Carver County, I know it takes hard work to market your business and have a vision. These are some of the qualities I look for in our City or County leaders.  John Fahey has these qualities and is the best candidate for Carver County Commissioner – District 5.

I love Carver County. We need someone who can see the big picture, construct a plan – someone who can take action, inspire people and accomplish ideas.

John has shared with me his plans for Carver County when he is elected as Commissioner. Working with the Carver County Comprehensive Plans, budgets, and other County, City and Township leaders, a number of things he plans to do are;

  • Work to get Highway 212 completed from Carver to Norwood Young America, along with safety improvements to State Highway 5.
  • Work to support small businesses and bring economic development to the County. He supports tourism and is currently on the CDA Board, which is working with the local Chambers of Commerce, small business owners and Cities within the County to develop a County Tourism website and tourism efforts.
  • Work to continue to provide housing and services to our growing communities. As part of the CDA Board, John has been involved in the Veterans Housing project.
  • Work to manage and provide strong financial advice in regard to the County’s budget and expenditures, while maintaining the County’s AAA bond rating.

John is a strong supporter of farmers – working alongside of us, he brings great leadership, experience, and forward thinking.

I know his wife, Janet, and have worked with her to bring tourism to the County. Hundreds of people have visited my farm, “At The Farm”, through Agri tourism to the County.

John is committed to keep Carver County a great place to live, tour, visit and enjoy. John has my vote on November 3rd, for Commissioner and he needs yours too.

Donna Frantz


Solving problems in the midst of criticism is a critical necessity for public service. I am thankful that so many committed and capable candidates are running for county commissioner seats in the coming election.

John Fahey has spent his entire life involved with communities, townships, and county matters. His commitment to civic engagement is exceptional.  His work ethic, small business experiences, financial industry involvement, and awareness of county-level issues makes him an excellent candidate for county commissioner.

These attributes and my personal relationship with John and Janet Fahey are why I will be voting for him.

Scott Jensen
Laketown Township


As an educator and a resident of Carver County for over 25 years, I am voting for John P. Fahey for Carver County Commissioner.

John is a strong advocate for education.  He and his wife, Janet have spent countless hours cheering at games and volunteering at many school events as their boys went through Central Schools. Their children did well in school while also participating in extracurricular activities, following in John’s footsteps. When John saw our children, he always took time to ask how school was going, encouraging them to aim high.

John understands that a strong education is essential for success, and he instills that message in all those he interacts with. He also served on the school board for our local school district. In this role, John’s leadership and ability to work with others towards common goals ensured the district was using all resources in the most effective ways possible.

One of the distinguishing differences between the District 5 commissioner candidates is that John is a parent, has had children who have been through the school system and who, as a past school board member, has firsthand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing schools in Carver County.

John also is a long-time member of the Lions, a group that supports education as well as other noble causes.

One of the most compelling reasons I am voting for him is his demeanor. John is approachable, intelligent, and curious. He listens well and collaborates with others. I believe his leadership experiences, his love for this county, and his quiet leadership will lead our county well. I hope you will join me in voting for John P. Fahey on November 3rd.

Ann Dettmann
Norwood Young America


We support John P. Fahey for Carver County Commissioner – District 5. John will bring his well-rounded leadership, experience, and education to work for us. He is a life-long member of Carver County and Norwood Young America and has served the County and Communities in many ways for many years:

• Chair, Carver County Planning Commission
• Carver County Community Development Agency
• Carver County Board of Adjustments
• Carver County Park Board
• Mayor, Norwood Young America
• District #108 Norwood Young America School Board
• NYA Economic Development Commission
• 26-year NYA Lion’s Club member

John personally knows many of the farm families in District 5 and beyond. He has taken the time to know us and the important issues we are facing. We trust he will continue to listen to our needs and represent us at the County level.

His education with a degree from St. John’s University, a rural college, along with his MBA from the University of St. Thomas, along with his professional banking experiences has given him the tools he needs to manage government budgets, taxes and spending. As a small business owner, he also understands the importance of supporting these establishments within our community.

We like John’s ability to work with people and at the same time be able to analyze and manage tough issues. Experience + Leadership. John will get the job done for us. Join us in voting for John in the Primary Election on August 11th!

Bob & Lori Kloth
Farmers – Young America Township

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing John P. Fahey for a long time and served with him on the Klein Bank Advisory Bank Board for several years. John is someone fully committed and knowledgeable about what is going on in the County. He is active in our communities, our churches, and our schools. From small businesses, to Townships matters, to City and County items, he is well informed and prepared to work with individuals to make the best decisions and have the best outcomes. His service with the Carver County Planning Commission for 11 years and as current Chair, is just one testament to his dedication and devotion to the County.

I’m proud to say my family farm is a Carver County Century Farm. You can imagine how important it is to me, to have a leader in the County who will care, respect, and work hard for farmers. I trust John will do that and therefore he has our vote for Carver County Commissioner – District 5. Please join us in voting for John in the Primary on August 11th.

Randy & Mary Lou Wroge
Farmers – Young America Township

I am giving my support to John P. Fahey for Carver County Commissioner – District 5. I have had the fortune of knowing John for several years and he is a man of character and integrity who has the leadership, experience, and education we need in Carver County.

John has been a lifelong resident of Norwood Young America and Carver County. During this time, he and his wife Janet have become ingrained in the local fabric of our communities. They have raised two adult sons, are active community members and know firsthand what makes Carver County a great place to live.

John is a small business owner and has worked in banking the majority of his professional career. He’s here to listen to us and understands small businesses are the backbone of our communities. John possesses common sense and will respect the views of the public in developing a long-term vision for District 5.

He has been a hardworking individual who has been a leader all of his life, today as Chair of the Carver County Planning Commission, a member of the Carver County Community Development Agency (CDA) and also a Vice President, Commercial Lender for an area bank.

As Carver County continues to grow and is faced with many decisions, we need someone who knows the people, readily understands the issues, and has the skill set and experience to manage the upcoming changes. I encourage you to vote for John in the Primary Election on August 11th.

Tom Jacobsen
Dahlgren Township

I am writing in support of John P. Fahey for Carver County Commissioner – District 5. I served on the City Council while John was Mayor of Norwood Young America. During this tenure, John and the Council were faced with some controversial issues.

John had the leadership and vision to collaborate with government and business entities to complete the development of various successful projects. He conducted himself in a calm, considerate manner even when being pressed on issues in various meetings.

The Oak Grove City Center and the Norwood Young America library is one of the successful projects. The City Center filled to capacity in less than a year, giving residents another housing option and allowing folks to stay living in NYA. The NYA library is now one of the most highly visited libraries in the County. This project continues to bring people to our community and supports economic development and converted the old abandoned Oak Grove Dairy site into a vibrant corner stone of the area.

He is transparent, honest and does not take responsibility lightly. He will tackle issues head on and be accountable to the public.

Because he is someone we can count on – I recommend you join me in voting for John in the Primary Election on August 11th.

Chad Eischens
Young America Township

The Fahey Family has been a landmark name serving in Norwood Young America and Carver County for the past 100 years. We have been neighbors to the Fahey family for 50+ years. We know John personally and have seen what he and his family have done to serve the community and County.

His mom Carol was a County Public Health Nurse for many years and his dad, John (Bud) was a District Court Judge in Chaska. His brother Mike was also a County Attorney and later a District Court Judge.

John was the Co-Chair of the 2007 State Amateur Baseball Tournament and has volunteered at numerous events at the Norwood Young America Sports Complex (Zellmann Field). He & his wife Janet also helped with high-school events and were active with the Booster Club.

Serving and leading within the County is what he and his family know how to do. He served as our former Mayor of NYA, currently serves as the Chair of the Carver County Planning Commission and also serves on the Carver County Community Development Agency.

He has also been a Central High School Board Member, is a long-time NYA Lion’s Club member and has long term banking experience, formerly with Klein Bank and continues working in the banking industry today.

Education is important to him and his family. John is a graduate of St. John’s University; his wife Janet is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas and their two adult sons attend the University of Minnesota.

Not everyone has the will, work ethic or commitment to become involved like John has. We would like to see the Fahey legacy of service continue. We feel he will be the person who will truly listen and represent us the best as the next Commissioner.

We plan to vote for John on November 3rd, for Carver County Commissioner – District 5 and we hope you’ll join us.

Bob, Jo and Jim Zellmann
Norwood Young America

November 3rd will be here before you know it and I plan to give my support to John Fahey for Carver County Commission – District 5.

I first met John when he worked with Klein Bank as a Commercial Lender. His professionalism and banking acumen impressed me from the get-go.

When I heard John was running for Carver County Commissioner, I reached out to him to see if I could help with his campaign. I spent a day with John pounding posts and putting in campaign signs across District 5. It amazed me on how many people he knew in the Townships. When we knocked on their doors and asked permission to put in a sign, people always said yes. We’d have a great conversation with those individuals, and it was time well spent!

I am a small business owner – so is John. He knows the hard work it takes, and I appreciate that.

John supports small businesses, farmers, our residents in both the townships and cities, our youth, education, recreation, etc., all of which make this a great County. He is very personable and connects with the people in District 5 – we need that.

I’m truly impressed with John and his skills and think he would be a great County Commissioner.

I shared my recommendation for John, in the Primary, with as many people as possible. He will also have my vote on Tuesday, November 3rd and I encourage you to join me.

Joel Vinkemeier
Camden Township

I have had the privilege to sit on the Carver County Community Development Agency (“CDA”) Board with John P. Fahey for numerous years. It is the CDA’s mission to provide affordable housing opportunities and foster community and economic development.

As a Board Member, John has brought his banking expertise, and small business common sense to some challenging issues facing homeowners, tenants and others looking for housing in Carver County.

I’ve enjoyed observing and learning from John during the various CDA board meetings.

I encourage you to vote for John because he has the leadership skills that are needed to govern and guide Carver County into the future.

Darrel Sudheimer

This is a letter to endorse and support John P. Fahey for Carver County Commissioner – District 5. As a retired teacher, from Central High School in Norwood Young America, and an active community member, I have had the opportunity to interact with John on numerous occasions.

I have served with John on the Carver County Parks Board and the NYA Planning Commission. In both commissions, John has been a “servant leader” and worked diligently to allow local government to work for and with the people.

John originally started the Norwood Young America Stiftungsfest Fun Run which has now grown into an annual event for our popular small-town celebration. John understands the value of tradition. He is highly organized, detail oriented and readily rolls-up his sleeves to pitch in.

His service and volunteerism to the Community and County is commendable.
• Chair, Carver County Planning Commission
• Carver County Community Development Agency
• Carver County Board of Adjustments
• Carver County Park Board
• Mayor, Norwood Young America
• District #108 Norwood Young America School Board
• NYA Economic Development Commission
• NYA Planning Commission
• 26-year NYA Lion’s Club member
• Small Business Owner
• Ironman Triathlete

In addition, I have seen firsthand how he supports education. He was a District #108 Norwood Young America School Board member prior to having children of his own. He also is an active volunteer and member of the Central High School Booster Club.

His own education with a Business Administration degree from St. John’s University and his MBA, from the University of St. Thomas has helped equip him with the knowledge to serve Carver County. Mr. Jim Ische has done a phenomenal job serving as our District 5 Commissioner. I firmly believe that John will continue that tradition representing Carver County.

As an avid runner myself, I also appreciate John’s athletic abilities. He has participated in four Ironman competitions. Dedication, discipline, and competitive drive are all traits he will bring to the Commissioner position. Vote for John in the Primary on August 11th for Carver County Commissioner – District 5.

Mark Lagergren
Retired Central High School Teacher and Cross-Country Coach
Norwood Young America

I support John P. Fahey for Carver County Commissioner – District 5. I have known John since grade school and can attest to his leadership capabilities, knowledge, and experience.

His leadership started early as he and I were High-School Track captains together and has steadily grown from there to being the current Chair of the Carver County Planning Commission.

Being a Township Clerk/Treasurer, I know the importance of preserving our agricultural presence and supporting our farmers. John and his wife Janet are both strong supporters of our rural communities and townships, not only in District 5, but across Carver County.

People naturally know John is a go-to person; he gets things done and can be counted on for results. Common sense and fiscal responsibility are keys to an excellent County Commissioner, and John has those qualities.

My wife, Brenda & I plan to vote for John in the Primary on August 11th, for Carver County Commissioner – District 5 and we hope you will join us.

Al Herrmann
Young America Township

I plan to vote for John P. (JP) Fahey for Carver County commissioner – District 5. I am a graduate of Central High school in Norwood Young America and am currently attending Iowa State University studying Animal Science with a pre-vet tract. I plan on hopefully one day opening a vet clinic in Carver County or working at one.

JP has been a mentor to me and is someone I look up to. He has been a successful small business owner and community and County leader. He also supports and encourages young adults to pursue their education and business goals. I also think it is very important to have a leader who supports and works for our farmers of Carver County and JP is the person for the job. He also has grown up in Carver County his entire life and will work for the county and make decisions that have positive impacts and benefits for our communities. Lastly, JP is motivated, driven, passionate and a people’s person who will work for the people of district 5.

Join me in voting for John in the Primary on August 11th, for Carver County Commissioner – District 5!

Payton Dvorak
Norwood Young America

John P. Fahey has my upcoming vote in the August 11th Primary!

I’ve grown up in Norwood Young America and Carver County and graduated from Central High School. I currently attend college at the University of St. Thomas for a degree in Finance.

I was actively involved in Boy Scouts and community involvement is important to me. Through the years, I have seen John’s involvement, volunteerism and leadership within the communities and County. John understands and supports small businesses, which is also important to me, given my family has owned and operated a small business for decades.

John is a lifelong resident for Carver County who can provide a long-term vision. He is hardworking, ambitious, and has the education and experience we need in Carver County.

I appreciate that John has given me the opportunity, exposure, and experience to be involved in this Commissioner Race and part of his Campaign Team. Giving to and supporting others is what he does and therefore, he has my vote for Carver County Commissioner, District 5. Join me in voting for John in the Primary on August 11th.

Connor Smith
Norwood Young America

When I learned John Fahey was running for Carver County Commissioner, I knew I would want to help support him any way I can. I first met John when he hired me to work for his window cleaning company years ago.

As a young man, starting out, he gave me a chance, taught me about respect and really helped me grow as an individual. He was the kind of small business owner you would want to work for! I enjoyed working and learning from John. I saw firsthand how he worked with his customers; how he treated them with respect and how he required high quality work. This type of customer service is what grew his highly successful business.

As I got to know him, I saw how much he volunteered and served in the Community and County. I also saw and learned how to be successful in business. He was a mentor to me and someone who made a difference to me early in my career.

While I live in the County, but no longer in the District – I encourage all of you to vote for him. If you are looking for a leader who will mentor, care and serve others – this is your person. He also has the education and experience needed for this type of position.

Vote for John P. Fahey, for County Commissioner in the November 3rd election!

Justin Loehrs

I’m sharing my support for John Fahey for Carver County Commissioner. I’ve known Johnny since grade school. We have both lived in Carver County our whole lives and I see how many people he knows and how well he gets along and works with everyone. He’s a guy that has spent a lot of time, 30+ years, serving on County and Community boards and committees – he knows what’s going on. He keeps himself well informed of the issues and continuously talks to people, so he knows their perspective. John is not afraid to learn new things or to tackle challenging issues – he knows his stuff, does his homework, and does not lead by emotions.

My family has a dairy operation located in Benton Township that we’ve been running for 154 years! We trust that John is someone we can count on to support us, help tackle our issues and protect our ag land! I’m voting for Johnny in the November 3rd General Election and I think you should too!

Mike Kugath
Farmer, Benton Township

I first met John Fahey as a NYA Lion, twenty + years ago. He is active member, former past President and Melvin Jones winner. The Lions motto is, “We Serve”, and John certainly does that! He has served on various County and Community Boards and Committees for 30+ years.

I also know John through the Ridgeview Medical Foundation, which he asked me to be part of many years ago, as part of a Business Partner initiative. Through the Foundation, I was asked to serve on their Board of Directors and also became an on-call emergency dentist for Ridgeview Medical Center. Through John’s introduction to the Foundation, I was able to become part of this outstanding regional community medical center. John and his wife Janet continue to be active in the Foundation, another worthy cause they support.

Not only does John have small business and banking experience, but he also uses this acumen for the greater good of the community.

As a small business owner, myself, I support John in becoming our next District 5 County Commissioner. I would like to see this role filled with someone who is widely connected, has years of community and county service, while having a strong education to utilize while serving others.

Please join me in voting for John!

Dr. Dan Ross
Dahlgren Township

John Fahey for Carver County Commissioner District 5